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About StacEy Ziegler

Hi there- Stacey Ziegler here! You may know me as Sportygirl. I’ve worked in Claremont and the surrounding areas of Upland, LaVerne, Glendora, Pasadena and Burbank for the past 15 years, as a fitness, pilates instructor and lifestyle nutrition coach. Many of my clients have achieved their best bodies by combining my effective workouts along with my SMART- healthy eating plan. I’m a fan of cross training -- adding in various kinds of fitness including Pilates, strength training, ballet barre, Bikram Yoga, running, spinning, hiking and road cycling with friends. My mind is always craving more knowledge in fitness so I expanded my personal trainer knowledge in 2008, by participating in an Eve Gentry-inspired Pilates program and have studied at Long Beach Dance Conditioning under Marie -Jose Blom and her master trainer’s, Kendel Pink and Alicia Head. My introduction of SportyFit Pilates in the Claremont Village-West is beyond thrilling to me! Come in and experience my unique twist to traditional pilates. When it comes to mindbody & wellness, I know it, teach it, and live it!

I’m now studying under two nutrition courses, again craving more knowledge to help those of you that are missing that certain piece to your fitness journey! You need to sweat, shake and burn AND eat SMART to change your bodies. I can help you get there!!

Where do I like to eat most? At home! That way I can create and prepare my food based on my healthy eating plan. My motto with nutrition- PLAN-SHOP-BE PREPARED!

When I do grab some food on the go in the Claremont Village,you’ll find me at some of my favorite places. Dr.Grubb’s, dining on grilled salmon or chicken w/steamed veggies; Kazama – field of green’s w/sashimi ; Casa Moreno-Pollo-veggie salad w/mango salsa; or maybe you’ll catch me at my neighbor’s place,La Parolaccia indulging in a Italian fish or chicken dish or maybe even veggie pizza.

On my cheat day, you may find me at, I like Pies- anything chocolate, Somecrust bakery – mocha chip cookies, Last Drop Café – homemade cookies any flavor, or 21 choices yogurt in the Claremont Village. Twisted Sage Café in San Dimas is a favorite of mine, snacking on a yummy scone or Belgium waffle with peanut butter and syrup!

My staple snacks at home or on the go; plain greek yogurt w/berries, raw almonds or walnuts, green apple + string cheese, hummus and veggies, roasted yam with coconut oil & walnuts, small can of tuna or fresh Alaskan salmon (Yep, that’s right, I’ve got friends that spend every summer there!),hard boiled eggs, rice tortilla w/ natural peanut butter + blueberries rolled up, edamame and my own blended smoothies made w/coconut milk plus lot of coconut water throughout the day!!

In addition to my Pilates certifications, I am an AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer along with holding certifications in nutrition and as a personal fitness chef. Recently I’m expanding my knowledge currently studying for two advanced certifications in nutrition/lifestyle coaching.