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Claremont Pilates

Welcome to SportyFit Pilates

SportyFit Pilates offers a unique twist to machine pilates; combining cardio & strength training in a circuit training sequence using our pilates reformer. Our boutique style classes are energizing, 50 minute workouts focusing on toning the entire body.

Our machine has been designed to include a reformer, wunda chair, and a jumpboard. Each client works on their own machine, allowing up to 10 clients per class with the personal attention of a private training session.

By incorporating the key principles of Pilates (correct postural alignment, breathing practice, centering and engaging the core, concentration and precision of controlled movement and increased flexibility) and blending them with muscle dynamics, SportyFit Pilates is the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning.

Come sweat, shake and burn at SportyFit Pilates in the Claremont Village. You will experience a fun, muscle shaking, pilates workout that will tone, sculpt and reshape your body from the inside out!

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